Pre-Departure Swab – COVID-19 Travel Clearance

Are you flying overseas? 

You would require a COVID-19 Pre-Departure Swab.

We endeavour to make this process as stress free as possible.

The Process

  1. Call us on 09 6256173 to book a pre-departure swab. Please have your flight time, flight number, cellphone number and email ready for the receptionist.
  2. Countries can change their entry requirement daily, please check the requirements from your destination/s carefully. (We are NOT liable if a passenger is refused entry to their final destination due to change in regulation or if the timing of the swab is not within their required time frame, it is the passengers responsibility to check the timing of the swab is within the countries’ rules) Please note labtest turn-around times at
  3. Come on-time to the appointment indicated by receptionist
  4. Park at the front of the building and come in for payment of $237.
  5. We would strongly recommend that you take the swab directly to the main Labtest facility in Mt Wellington (37-41 Carbine Rd). Otherwise we will drop it next door to labtest who will courier it there (which would take extra time).
  6. You will receive your results in approximately 24 to 48 hours. You would receive a text, followed by an email confirming the negative swab.