Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor

Full Dermatoscopic Skin Check

New Zealand and Australia has the highest rates of skin cancers and melanoma in the world. A full skin check should be carried out every 1-2 years, especially in fair skinned patients. More frequent in patients with recent history of skin cancers.

Any new skin spots that are unusual or changing should be checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

Dr. John Carter and Dr. Tony Chiu are both Accredited Skin Cancer Doctors registered with the Australasia Skin Cancer College and also Full Members with New Zealand Skin Cancer Doctors.

Dr. Russell Eggleton, Dr. Scott McLaren, Dr. Angela Zhang, Dr. Helen Schimanski and Dr. Allison Shaw are trained in doing full skin checks also.

Full Skin Check costs $90 for enrolled patients and $115 for non-enrolled patients.

Full examination requires the full 15 minute appointment, please book extra time if there are other concerns/matters to discuss.

You can call us on 09 625 6173 to book an appointment or book online through MyIndici if you are an enrolled patient: