COVID & Flu Vaccinations

Did you know that you can get your flu vaccine at the same time as your Covid 19 Booster? As of April 2nd more people are eligible for a free COVID-19 booster. Ask whether a COVID-19 vaccine is also recommended and available when booking your flu vaccine.

FLU vaccine available from Tuesday April 2nd

Flu 2024

Giving consent for the flu vaccination

Before the vaccination you will be given the What You Need to Know About the Flu Vaccination Factsheet 2023 and we will require your consent to the vaccination.

Your vaccinator will determine whether verbal consent or signed consent is required. Please read the 2023 Flu Vaccine Consent Form in advance. Click on the Red text to bring up the detail.

Why flu vaccination is important every year.

The flu (influenza) can make you very sick and is not the same as a common cold. Children can also become very unwell with the flu. If you get the flu, you could also spread it to vulnerable people including pregnant women, babies (especially those under 6 months who are too young for the vaccine), elderly people, and those with health conditions.

The flu virus changes often which is why we are required to have a flu vaccine each year, so for your best protection it is important every year.

Available flu vaccines this year

Details about our Flu vaccine available at our clinic this year:

  1. Influvac Tetra: Funded for those six months and older that meet the Pharmac eligibility criteria. Unfunded $35.00. (Egg base strain)
  2. Flucelvax Quad: Unfunded: approved for use in children and adults, 6 months of age and older: $45.00 (Non-egg base strain)
  3. Fluad Quad: Unfunded only: for use in adults aged 65 and over: Adjuvanted vaccine. Some studies have found that adding MF59® enhances the antibody response $55.00. (Egg base strain)

Pharmac Eligibility criteria below for free funding: if you are unsure ask your Nurse or Doctor

  • People aged 65 years or older
  • Pregnant people (any trimester)
  • People aged 6months to under 65 years with eligible conditions like diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition
  • Children 4 years of age and under who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or have a history of significant respiratory illness
  • People aged six months to under 65 years with serious mental health and addiction conditions

You can book your appointment under the Flu/Covid appointment on My Indici patient portal today. You can also ring reception option 1 on 09 625 6173


The flu vaccine is available for children aged 6 months and over and adults.

Most people can have a flu vaccine, however people who have had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to any ingredient in the vaccine or to a previous dose of the flu vaccine should not receive the vaccine. The flu vaccine CAN be given to people with egg allergy or egg anaphylaxis. If you are unwell, you should wait until you are recovered and well to have the flu vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine does NOT protect against the influenza (flu) virus. The flu vaccine is recommended for all people aged 6 months and older and some people who are most likely to get very sick from the flu are able to get a FREE flu vaccine. You can get the flu vaccine at any time, including before, after, or at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine.

The flu vaccine is recommended for all people aged 6 months and older and some people who are most likely to get very sick from the flu are able to get a FREE flu vaccine. You can get the flu vaccine once you have recovered from your COVID-19 infection and are feeling well. Previous COVID-19 infection will NOT provide protection against the influenza (flu) virus.

Yes! There is no gap required between when you get a COVID-19 vaccine and a flu vaccine. They can be given at the same time, or you can get a flu vaccine any time before or after you get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.

Key Flu Facts

  1. The vaccine can’t give you the flu
  2. You need to get a flu vaccine every year to stay fully protected
  3. Anyone, even fit, healthy adults can catch the flu and spread it to others.
  4. 1 in 4 can get the flu, show no symptoms, and don’t know they’re passing it on
  5. Getting a flu vaccine helps look after the community.

Reporting vaccine side effects

Like most medications, vaccines can sometimes cause reactions. These are usually mild, and not everyone will get them. Mild reactions are normal and show that your immune system is responding to the vaccine. Serious side effects are rare. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your nurse or doctor.

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand is running an anonymous Flu Post Vaccine Survey that asks about side effects and your vaccine experience. To register, scan the QR code. You will be texted a link to the survey.

qr code survey flu vaccine

If you have questions on COVID Vaccines – please call the dedicated COVID-19 Vaccine Healthline on 0800 28 29 26.

If you have any symptoms or been to any locations of interest – please do not come into the clinic – please call healthline for advice first on 0800 358 5453.