General Medical and Preventative Health Care

All of our doctors are affiliated with the Royal New Zealand College of GP’s and can provide a full range of general practice consultations. We allocate 15 minutes for consultations which is generally enough time to deal with one major or two minor issues. If you have a number of complex issues, you will need to book a double appointment. We do our best to run to time but the unpredictable nature of our work means that sometimes there may be a wait.

Well Child Care

Our team is experienced with children and their particular health needs. We enjoy catching up with our young patients at the time of their 6 week, 3 month and 5 month visits, in addition to the usual Plunket visits. All of our nurses are trained in immunisations.

For more information about available immunisations on the New Zealand Schedule please click here

Personal Health Checks

We recommend that from time to time you should have a personal health check. Early detection of medical problems usually results in better health long term. Please indicate to reception that you require a 30 minute wellness check when you book in. During this time we will talk to you about your lifestyle, review your family medical history and question you on a range of symptoms. You will have a comprehensive examination and in many cases you will have a blood test. We are particularly interested in identifying and treating risk factors for heart disease, stroke and some cancers. People over 50 are encouraged to have a wellness check yearly. It is also worth having at least 2 checks in your 30s and 40’s, particularly if you have a family history of medical problems. Please click on the personal health check questionnaire below, print it, complete it and bring it to your consultation.

Accidents and Wound Care

We are able to provide assistance for most minor injuries, accidents and fractures. We can offer on site x-ray, plastering and orthopaedic specialist review. Our nurses provide telephone advice and work closely with the doctors in all aspects of patient care, all are trained in wound care management.

Minor Surgery

All of our doctors offer minor surgery skills and many of them have further qualifications in this area. Excisions are carried out in a dedicated operating theatre. Please talk to your doctor about your procedure, as costs will vary.

Travel Health

Before setting off on your overseas trip it is important to get accurate advice on how to remain healthy whilst you are away. You may also be required to have proof of certain vaccinations before you will be allowed to enter some countries. Organising your travel health needs is complex and involves much more than just getting a few vaccinations. You need to get it sorted out at least 6 weeks prior to departing.

We are able to provide detailed travel health advice which is sourced from the Worldwise website. This website contains specific country-based information and is continuously updated by Dr Marc Shaw, travel health specialist. Our nurses are trained vaccinators and we can administer the common vaccinations including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Typhoid, Polio, Influenza and Cholera vaccine. Our doctors can prescribe malaria prevention and travel medications where necessary.

Before you come in for your travel consult, please fill in this travel questionnaire and bring it with you to the consultation. It is important to include a detailed itinerary of your planned journey and any previous travel vaccination records that you may have.

The entire visit may take up to 1 hour and will involve doctor and nurse time.

We are not a specialist travel clinic and we do not provide Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, TB (tuberculosis) or Rabies vaccinations. In these instances, we suggest you visit WORLDWISE Travellers Health & Vaccination Centre. Furthermore, please seek advice from them if your plans include:

  • Travel to South America or Africa
  • Travel to remote areas for periods over 1 month
  • Adventure, alpine travel/ expeditions
  • Travel with young children ( less than 2 years of age)
  • Living and working in another country

You may be interested in looking at Fit for Travel or Travel Essentials for further travel health information.

Nurse Clinics

We offer a number of nurse led clinics. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes Get Checked visits
  • Healthy heart checks Please book in with Karen for this. You will need to phone and request a blood test prior to your visit.
  • Asthma Many asthmatics put up with poor asthma control. If you use your blue reliever more than twice per week or you find yourself coughing, wheezing or feeling short of breath, you need an asthma review. Please book in to see Karen, our asthma nurse.
  • Cervical screening. Karen, Robyn, Preeti, Helen and Laura are the clinics qualified nurse smear takers. Some evening clinics available.
  • Stop Smoking Support If you are thinking about stopping smoking, there are lots of options to help you. Book in to see Karen, our nurse specialist

Skin Checks

See our skin check info here.

Zolendronate (Aclasta) Infusions

Aclasta is an infusion of a bone strengthening medication that is now funded for many people for the treatment of osteoporosis and Pagets disease. If you meet the criteria, the cost of the infusion is $150 for enrolled patients, or $250 for non-enrolled patients which includes a doctors appointment prior to the infusion.

Visiting Specialists

Our visiting specialists include Mr Stephen Mills (Plastic Surgeon) and visiting Midwife Leonie Bowley (Sat morning) 021 241 2599.

Test Results

We encourage you to sign up to level two of our patient portal as this will allow you to see your results. Our doctors check incoming results every day. Unfortunately we are not able to contact everyone regarding their results, and therefore do not routinely do so if they are normal. If you have significant abnormal results we will always endeavour to contact you, hence it is important that you keep all contact phone numbers (and address) up to date. However, if results are of a critical nature, or you have any skin lesions removed, and you don’t hear back from us within a week, you should ring to check your results with one of our nurses. The nurses are not qualified to interpret the results in detail. In some circumstances you may need to make an appointment with your doctor to have your results explained.

Youth Health

Health care for young people aged 16 to 20

Seeking health care isn’t always easy for young people!
Sometimes you don’t want to make a fuss. You might worry about being judged or feeling embarrassed. Sometimes it might feel a bit daunting to make an appointment and get here.

We want our medical centre to make young people feel valued and welcome so here are a few tips if you have been thinking about getting some help from us.

– Privacy: From the age of 16 you are entitled to have your health information kept confidential. For most under 16 year olds we would also maintain confidentiality unless there was a serious threat to your safety or to the safety of somebody else. We do use mobile phones for communication so please check that we have your correct number.

– Appointments: You can make a booking by calling the practice. Be sure to give the receptionist your mobile number as we will send a reminder text to you the evening before your appointment. We do have an online booking service, but you will need to register for this. Our receptionists will be happy to show you how to do this. If you prefer or if you simply have a question, you can email our nurses

– Mental Health: Young people may experience distress and unhappiness in many forms. It is a difficult time of life! If you are struggling, reach out to us for help. We can help sort out what is going on and direct you to the right help.

Here are some other useful links:

Here is a link to a series of videos that explain the different roles of health professionals you maybe referred to by your GP

– Sexual Health: If you are worried that you have an STI it is important to get checked. You can simply drop in to the clinic any time and our nurse will help you with some simple tests that are private and free.
Alternatively, you can access the Auckland Sexual Health Service
If you are worried that you are pregnant or you need contraception please drop in and see our nurse. We can provide you with condoms if you need them.

-Fees: If you have difficulty in accessing money to pay for your visit we can assist. We have some funding that is put aside for under 18 year olds that need financial help to access health care. You can also pay for your consultation through internet banking after your consultation.

-Family: If you are concerned about your young person we would like to know so we can offer support and help. Please email the nurses and they can pass on your concerns to your GP.

Here are some useful links for parents: