Implants & IUD Insertions

There are many long-acting reversible contraceptives available, our doctors are skilled at the insertion of Jadelle, Jaydess and Mirenas.

For Jaydess/Mirena bookings

  • Dr. Allison Shaw, Dr. Helen Schimanski, Dr. Julie Holden and Dr. Lekha Diesing.

For Jadelle bookings

  • Dr. Angela Zhang, Dr Scott McLaren, Dr. Julie Holden, Dr. Lekha Diesing and Dr. Andrea Baker.

Please book a consultation with one of the doctors above to assess suitability and discussion of the procedure. (usual consultation costs apply)

Then you would be booked in for the procedure which would take between 30 to 45 minutes, the cost of the procedure for enrolled patients is $225.

We are only able to do Mirena insertions for enrolled patients at this stage. You can book your appointment here.