Greenwood Medical Centre Fees

Prices effective from April 2022. Invoices can be paid here.

Enrolled/ Funded Patients (Phone/Video/Face to Face)

Standard Consult
with CSC
Standard FeeACCACC Consult
With CSC
Evening & weekend surcharge
Under 14FreeFreeFreeFree+$10.00
14 to 17$13 ($75)$55 ($98)$50$13+$10.00
18 to 24$19.5 ($78)$60 ($98)$53$19.5+$10.00
25 to 64$19.5 ($78)$65 ($98)$56$19.5+$10.00
65 and Over$19.5 ($78)$59 ($98)$54$19.5+$10.00

Non Enrolled/ Non Funded Patients

Standard FeeCSCcard / High user cardACCEvening & weekend surcharge
Under 14$60*$58$33+$10.00
14 to 17$81*$75$60+$10.00
Adult 18 & Over$98$78$60+$10.00

The above fees are for a standard one patient 15 minute appointment. Higher fees apply for extended consultations.

() denotes first consultation/new patient charge

Non NZ Resident Fee $98

Repeat Prescription Fee – $23


There are additional charges for other services such as unfunded vaccinations, ECG’s, repeat prescriptions and material used. Please contact us if you need details.

Accounts remaining overdue for 60 days may be placed with a debt collector and incur collection costs.

Our Bank account number is ASB 12 3025 0189544 01 for patients wishing to pay by internet banking.  Please add your chart number in the reference field.

If you have booked an appointment and have not advised us that you cannot attend, we may charge you for the consultation that you booked.