Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my test results?
Usually the doctor or nurse will only contact you if there is a concern. Expect results for blood and urine tests to take a couple of days, and up to a week for smears and results of skin biopsies.

Weekend Surcharge?
We advise that due to the high cost of providing after hours medical care there is a small additional surcharge for consultations with the doctor after 5.30pm on week days and all day Saturdays and Sundays.

What should I do if English is my second language?
If you cannot get an appointment with a doctor who speaks your first language then please make contact with our nurses who will be able to book an interpreter for you when you book your appointment. The interpreter service is a free service, but you will need to book a double (30 minute) appointment as this service makes the appointment take longer.

How will I know when to come for my regular checks?
Once you have enrolled with us, you will be entered into our recall system and our nurses will ensure you are reminded of your screening requirements for cervical screening, mammograms, immunisations, and other health screening.

Why do I need to see a Doctor for a repeat prescription?
We are happy to provide repeat prescriptions to enrolled patients for certain stable conditions, however the nurse may ask that you come in to see the doctor before a script is given, so the doctor can review your progress and help you improve your health. It is the prescribing doctor’s responsibility to ensure that the medications are appropriate for your condition and that you understand any risks associated with the drug.

Ordering Prescriptions
Prescriptions can be ordered online via ConnectMed, via email, by phone, or in person. There is a 24 hour turnaround once your request has been received. The exception to this is Fridays, when your request will be actioned on Mondays and available for collection on Tuesdays.

What if I have moved house or my details have changed?
Please let us know as soon as possible if your details have changed. You can either email us on  or phone on (09) 6256173.

How to get the most out of your Doctors appointment?
The standard appointment time with a doctor is 15 minutes. This is a short time for you to explain your problems and for the doctor to examine you and decide on a treatment plan. If you feel 15 minutes is not enough time to discuss all your concerns you may be best to book a double appointment with your doctor.

What if I cannot make my appointment?
Please phone us on (09) 625-6173 as soon as you know you will not make your appointment time/day so that we can reschedule it for you and offer your original appointment to another patient.

Why there is a surcharge for ACC covered medical care?
The Accident Compensation scheme provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. This cover includes a contribution to the cost of primary care, but it does not meet all the costs.