New Patient Info


Greenwood Medical Centre is a member of Procare (PHO). The Government provides bulk funding to the PHO for the patients enrolled with that PHO affiliated with the medical provider you nominate. In order for our registered patients to have subsidised medical care and cheaper visits to the doctor, they must be ‘enrolled’ via the PHO. A person can only be enrolled with one medical provider at any one time.

To qualify to enroll, patients must meet the eligibility criteria and must reside in New Zealand permanently; these criteria are directed by the Ministry of Health. The definition of residing in New Zealand is that you intent to be a resident in New Zealand for at least 183 days (six months) of a year. A New Zealand citizen who resides overseas and returns to New Zealand on vacation is eligible for publicly funded health services but is not entitled to enroll in a PHO as he/she is not living permanently in New Zealand for at least 2 consecutive years.

The eligibility criteria are listed on page 2 of the enrolment form and you need to tick the one that applies to you. For further information about eligibility please refer to the Ministry of Health Eligibility page.

How do I enrol?

Complete the Enrolment Form and return the signed form to us along with your proof of eligibility e.g. passport (requirement by Ministry of Health). Parents can enroll and sign for children under 16 years of age. Children 16 years or over must sign their own form.

Casual Patient Info

If you do not meet the enrolment criteria and wish to be a casual patient and attend this practice, please advise our receptionist. Casual patients consult fees are not subsidised and patients will have to pay the full consult fee.

Current Patient Info

You may be asked to complete an enrolment form to update your details and include proof of eligibility by presenting your birth certificate or passport to inspect and record.

To maintain eligibility of enrolment, patients must provide proof of New Zealand citizenship or appropriate visits, and must be residing in New Zealand for at least 183 days (six months) of the year. Ministry of Health regulations require patients to disenrol if they are living overseas permanently. While residing overseas, if a patient returns for a short visit to see their doctor, they may be charged casual fees. If the patient returns to New Zealand permanently, they are required to re-enrol by completing an enrolment form, to be eligible for subsidised healthcare.

If an ‘Enrolled; patient has not visited their doctor within 3 years, due to good health, they will need to update their enrolment to continue to be eligible for subsidised healthcare and, prevent their enrolment from expiring. If the enrolment expires, patients may be charged casual fees until an enrolment form is completed.

Please bear with us with our requests to fulfill this legal requirement that must be kept up to date.

If you plan to move overseas permanently, or long-term please advise our receptionists and you may collect your notes, or have them emailed, to take with you.