Your RAT test was Negative.


If you have symptoms:  Please get another RAT test tomorrow AND continue to isolate until you have been well for 24 hours. If you are a household contact of a positive case, you must also continue to isolate until your household case has finished their full 10 days of isolation.

If you do not have symptoms and you are:

  • A Day 3 household contact – continue to isolate with your household bubble and get another RAT test on day 10
  • A Day 10 household contact – you can leave isolation tomorrow (day 11) along with your original household contact.

If you are a household contact and develop symptoms in between planned RAT tests, please get a RAT test earlier. If your new test is positive, you become a case.  Day 0 is now the day your symptoms first started, and you must complete 10 full days of isolation.