Meningococcal Vaccines Information

  • In NZ approximately
    50% of meningitis is caused by Menz B strain
    50% by Menz A, C, W and Y strainMenz W causes more deaths than Menz B
  • For Menz W the high risk groups are those who are
    – <5 years of age
    – 13-19 years of age
    – Living in overcrowded houses
    – Living in areas of high people volume e.g.: boarding houses, University dormitories

Vaccines available at Greenwood Medical Centre

  • Bexsero
    – Covers Menz B strain
    – Cost $150
  • Menactra/Nimenrix
    – Covers Menz A, C, W, Y strain
    – Cost $135

For more information about the vaccines and meninogococcal disease please see below links


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