Welcome to Level 2!

As we move down Covid-19 alert levels, the team here at Greenwood Medical Centre remain committed to keeping our community safe.

We will not be resuming “normal” practice yet.   As always, please refer to our website www.greenwoodmedical.co.nz for up to date information.

Key points

  • As per level 2 guidelines, we intend to keep at least 50% of our consultations as “virtual” off-site consultations, whether by video or phone.  See below about booking appointments.
  • We are not accepting “walk-in” patients who do not have a pre-arranged appointment
  • Patients with any sort of respiratory symptoms will be seen in a separate clinic area away from our normal rooms.  Ideally patients will have a virtual consultation first, and then an on-site assessment will be arranged. We are a designated swabbing clinic, so we can organise COVID swabs if required.
  • Screening services such as cervical screening, breast screening and skin checks are now available. Procedures such as minor surgery and IUD insertion are also now available.
  • Flu vaccines are available. Please book online where flu vaccine clinic slots are available HERE .

Booking Appointments

For virtual phone and video consults, please book via our website or by following the link HERE.  Conditions suitable for virtual consults include follow up of long term conditions, investigation enquires, simple medical problems that do not require an examination, mental health consultations and certificate (ACC/WINZ) updates.

For in person, or “face to face” consultations please fill in our brief triage form HERE.  We have a doctor monitoring this form, and you will be contacted very shortly with a plan for your appointment.  We are trying to keep our waiting rooms empty, so please remember that in person consultations are 15minutes long. If you have more than 1 problem, please consider booking a double appointment.

If you have any fever, respiratory or flu like symptoms – please book for a phone or video consultation. Morning consultations are preferred, as the doctor taking your consultation can then arrange for you to come in for an in person consultation as needed in our dedicated respiratory clinic.

COVID-19 Swabs
If you have any cough, sore throat, runny nose, loss of sense of smell and would like a COVID-19 swab only – please fill in this form HERE.

Doctors availability
While you should always be able to see a doctor, your own normal doctors availability will have changed.  Doctors are currently working in onsite/offsite “teams”, so your normal doctor may not be available on-site at different times during the week.  For staff safety, our hours of operation have also changed, we close at 5pm weeknights, and are closed on Sundays at this stage.

If you have any questions about booking appointments or how to see your doctor, or wish to request prescriptions, please visit our website www.greenwoodmedical.co.nz

Kia Kaha, Stay Safe, Be Kind.