Key messages for summer/rāumati 2023/2024

1.0 Have a good summer (strapline we will use this summer is Go Well).

2.0 Covid-19 is still a risk this summer

2.1 COVID-19 immunisation and boosters

2.2 If you get COVID-19 this summer

2.3 Make sure you have a supply of RATs

2.4 Antiviral medicines

3.0 Plan ahead:

3.1 If you are travelling

3.2 Keep up to date with immunisations

3.3 Masks

4.0 Protect yourself and others

4.1 If unwell, stay at home or where you are on holiday

4.2 Tips for when you’re out and about

4.3 General health advice

4.4 Look out for yourself and others

5.0 What to do if you get sick or injured?

5.1 Seeking healthcare support and information over the holiday period

5.2 Emergency care

6.0 Viruses, bugs and illnesses to look out for over summer

6.1 Measles messages

6.2 Be on your guard for gastro

7.0 How to manage issues related to El Nino

7.1 Managing heat

7.2 Managing smoke from wildfires

7.3 Managing impacts of dust resulting from strong winds