Meningococcal Vaccines Information

  • In NZ approximately
    50% of meningitis is caused by Menz B strain
    50% by Menz A, C, W and Y strainMenz W causes more deaths than Menz B
  • For Menz W the high risk groups are those who are
    – <5 years of age
    – 13-19 years of age
    – Living in overcrowded houses
    – Living in areas of high people volume e.g.: boarding houses, University dormitories

Vaccines available at Greenwood Medical Centre

  • Bexsero
    – Covers Menz B strain
    – Cost $150
  • Menactra/Nimenrix
    – Covers Menz A, C, W, Y strain
    – Cost $135

For more information about the vaccines and meninogococcal disease please see below links


Download PDF of this information here

Best Practice for Ear Wax Removal

Ear suction with microscope has become the Best Practice in removing Ear Wax Build-Up. We recommend Lesley Tuck who is an Ear Nurse Specialist. Lesley is based at 155 Remuera Road, Remuera and can be contacted on (09) 529-5550. The approximate cost for this is $48.

While Ear Syringing has been commonly used to remove ear wax and isn’t usually painful, it can be uncomfortable and can make you feel dizzy. There is a small risk of infection or damage to your ear canal or a perforated eardrum (a hole in the eardrum). Ear syringing is not suitable for everybody. If you have had a hole in the eardrum (perforation) or have had ear surgery in the past then you are not suitable.

To continue to offer this service, for the safety of our patients, we would like you to make an appointment to see your GP first and use water soluble ear drops for 5 days, such as sodium bi-carbonate or Sofradex.